Where’s Condi?

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, BlackNews.com Columnist

The day before President Bush spoke to the NAACP, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was scheduled to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus. The meeting didn’t happen. The CBC did not say why it was cancelled, or when it would be rescheduled. But if it had happened, the Caucus would, and should, have asked Condi tough questions on Bush foreign policy. If it did, it wouldn’t have been the first time Rice has been on the foreign policy hot seat. In February, Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee virtually dumped Bush’s international miscues on her.

That’s fair and unfair. Rice is Bush’s point person on foreign policy. Her job is to sell administration policy decisions on North Korean nukes, Iran, the Middle East turmoil, the war on terrorism, and Iraq. When things go wrong internationally, she, as other Secretarys of State have, will take heat. More>>>

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a columnist for BlackNews.com, a political analyst and social issues commentator. He is also the author of the forthcoming, The Emerging Black GOP Majority (Middle Passage Press, September 2006). The book is a hard-hitting look at Bush and The GOP’s court of black voters.


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