Changing Places: Could Black Republicans Alter African-American Voting Patterns?

Here is an interesting post from that I just had to share.

BILL KING — Almost as soon as President Bush was declared victorious in the 2004 election, some Republicans immediately turned their attentions (and/or ambitions) towards how to keep this roll going. For half the Senate and numerous Republican governors, that meant increasing their vacation time in New Hampshire and Iowa. For many Republican supporters it meant focusing their attention on an heiress from the current administration: Condi. The 2008 election is historic in that it will be the first election since 1952 where there is no incumbent president or incumbent vice president running. In ‘52, the Republicans chose the moderate and wildly popular former general Dwight D. Eisenhower to reverse their 24-year election slump. This time around, Republicans may be looking to a new formula for keeping power in the midst of sagging poll numbers and lingering problems. Condolezza Rice is the member of this administration who runs counter to nearly every idea Americans have about the Bush White House and Republicans. She is female and fairly young in what at times appears to be a male-dominated administration personified by a crotchety, elderly Vice President who has some trouble maintaining his constitutional duty of staying alive. But perhaps, most importantly, she is an African-American, in a party which has struggled mightily to attract any African-Americans to their ranks. Currently, zero black members of Congress are Republican. Bush pulled in 11% of the African-American vote in the 2004 election, which was actually an increase from 2000. Here in Georgia, African-Americans make up approximately 50% of the Democratic voters in the state. And the Republicans did little to endear themselves to blacks nationwide after the rather slow and inept response to Hurricane Katrina unfolded on national television, greatly affecting the large, urban African-American population of New Orleans. (You may remember “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”?)

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