Darryl Hicks Sets Sights On Secretary Of State Position

Atlanta, GA. With a list of issues at hand and big shoes to fill, Democratic hopeful Darryl Hicks says he is ready to become Georgia’s first African American Secretary of State.With current post holder Cathy Cox tossing her hat into the Governor’s race, the Secretary of State Job is one many have their eyes on. Ten candidates are listed on the upcoming ballot for the statewide race, most of which are newcomers to public office.
Hicks however, says he is the most qualified candidate Georgian’s should look to for the service they deserve. “I am a hands-on, experienced candidate ready to use my talents,” he said. “Direct public service is critical to the average Georgian, and will be my focus once elected Secretary of State.” Born in Atlanta, Hicks is the fourth of seven children raised in Reynolds, Ga., on his grandfather’s farm. It was there, he learned early the benefits of strong virtues, good work ethics, determination and the value of facing and conquering life challenges.A graduate of Morris Brown College, Hicks earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and later an MBA in Executive Management from the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. With 20 years of applicable experience in corporate America, Hicks said he fully understands the administrative role and responsibility the Secretary of State’s office has in implementing the laws put forth by the general assembly.


5 Responses to Darryl Hicks Sets Sights On Secretary Of State Position

  1. BDS says:

    Darryl Hicks received over 92,000 votes in the primary election and is now in the runoff election on August 8th.

    Contribute online at http://www.darrylhicks2006.com .

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    I like Darryl, he’s very well suited and experienced.
    Also, Gail voted twice for the secrecy bills (HB218). I don’t believe in secrecy in government.

  3. S. Yvette Bush says:

    It is refreshing to see a public servant like Darryl Hicks in the Secretary of State race. The democratic party can use more people like him (and his experience) to LEAD the state of Georgia. He has my VOTE!!

  4. Mr. Spelmon says:

    Darryl has always gone out of his way to acknowledge the “little people.” It’s certainly paying off now as he has established himself as a advocate for all Georgians – “little & big.” Congrat’s on the success thus far, I look forward to helping you celebrate as the next Secretary of State.


  5. Roland Young says:

    Darryl is a man of integrity and deep commitment. Darryl is superbly suited by his experience, talent, temperment, commitment to service and dedication to the people of Georgia to be our next Secretary of State. He will be a public servant of the highest order and of whom we all can be proud.

    Let’s do our part to assure his election to this high office. Please vote and encourage others to exercise this important privilege we have to elect our government representatives.

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