Middle East Implodes As Bush Administration Fails to Act

Source: Mirror on America

Religious lunacy and chaos rages on in the Middle East, as the U.S. fails to call off Israel (which the U.S. has the power to do with one phone call). Israel- A Client State of the U.S.- is taking aggressive military action with the blessing and support of the U.S. Meanwhile, Israels misguided leaders are just making matters worse for their country. How could they really believe that they could solve this problem of Islamic militancy with military action? This will not work in this conflict. In fact, the use of military force by Israel (or any other country) has never been successful at controlling terrorism and militancy. In fact, Israel has only guaranteed that the conflict will rage on for many more years. By their actions, Israel has created many more terrorists. Even with Hezbollah being more isolated in Lebanon, more terrorism is now unavoidable. Does Israel believe that this will get their 3 kidnapped soldiers back? What objective are they hoping to achieve with their slaughter of innocent people and by destroying roads, bridges, water, and power plants….all used by the civilian population? All of this lunacy is being encouraged by the United States “leadership”. This is when the U.S. should be heavily involved diplomatically to calm the situation. This blind unconditional U.S. support for Israel (at the expense of the American people and innocent people in the Middle East) has ruined the U.S. position of being a negotiator. No one in the Middle East will ever trust the U.S. (except for Israel) because of the biased U.S. position.
It will take the work of the UN, The EU, or another nation such as France, Russia, or a former U.S. official to bring order to the madness in the Middle East. The reputation of the U.S. around the world has been irreparably damaged by the current Republican Administration.

To make matters worse… Israel is accusing Iran and Syria of supporting attacks on Israel. Is Israel creating the pretext to launch attacks against those countries as well (again, with the blessing of the U.S.)?


Related Issues:

Thousands of U.S. & British citizens are stuck in Lebanon, since roads and bridges have been knocked out and the airport has been crippled by attacks preventing any flights.

Among the American citizens are several high profile individuals….even U.S. religious leaders (seemingly the only American citizens that the Theocratic United States values). How will the U.S. respond if a U.S. citizen is killed by Israel?

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