breakthough in the war on…uh….what exactly?

Source: tyrone takes

when i saw this picture, i knew something was funny. i just could not take these guys. seriously as terrorists. but then again, anything is possible, so i kept an open mind….that is until i heard the details..

so let me get this straight….these guys had no weapons, no money, and no connections – in fact they were arrested them based on an fbi informant’s conversation with only one of them? sounds like bullshit if i ever heard it.

now i’m not saying that if someone allegedly says they would like to blow up the sears tower that we shouldn’t pay attention to it. but the funny thing is that, after 9/11 the fbi told us that they receive hundreds of terror threats per day and they have to determine which ones are credible….there have been more serious threats (like one uncovered a couple years back in Brooklyn) that never even made the news…so why is this the one that gets national press?

i hope people remember this kind of propaganda that the government spends it’s time creating the next time there is a real terror attack.


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