Some Congressional Black Caucus members using “Race Card”

Clarence Page, writes an interesting article about race loyalty and how some members of the Congressional Black Caucus are using the race card. Check this article out. Clarence Page makes some good points.

When race loyalty asks too much

By Clarence Page

Some Congressional Black Caucus members have raised the bloody shirt of racism in defense of their embattled colleague Rep. William Jefferson. I appreciate their sense of loyalty to a friend, but Mr. Jefferson hasn't given them much to work with. Mr. Jefferson's friends say he deserves the presumption of innocence. Indeed, under our constitutional system of justice, as I once heard an embattled Chicago politician quoted, "Every man is innocent until his case has been through appeal." But, the Court of Public Opinion in which all politics operate is quite another matter. There is, for example, the embarrassing little question of the $90,000 in alleged bribery money that the FBI found in the Louisiana Democrat's freezer. More>>>


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