African-American Republicans have a tough road ahead

OK, I was a Democrat, then I went Republican (stupid me), then I went Democrat (stupid me again), now I'm INDEPENDENT! Is there something to be said about that?

I think so, like most American's I'm not confident with national elected officials both Democratic and Republican. Like most American's I lack confidence in Congress and the President. So I keep on switching hoping one day something will change, something will give, America will change… whatever.

But is there a bright side?

Guess what? There are a lot of African-American Republicans who have a possibility of winning U.S. Senate or gubernatorial races this year. yeah right.

But are African-American Republicans any different from the Republicans now in the U.S. Senate and serving as Governors? Can Republicans who are African-American win in Red states?

Let's take a look. In Ohio, gubernatorial hopeful Ken Blackwell, just won a tough primary.

I think Ohio is a RED state?

In my new home state of Maryland, theres U.S. Senate candidate Michael Steele, who faces a predominatly Democratic electorate. And in Pennsylvania, former football star Lynn Swann has had problems proving his qualifications to be governor.

Yet, reality may kick this year for Black Republicans that Bush has no coat tails. With Bush's screw-up of Katrina, the War in Iraq, gas prices and other issues impacting African-American communities, there is a general mistrust for Republicans in the African-American community of voters.

Time will tell if African-American Republicans will make any significant inroads into the Black electorate. 2006 could be a powerful year for African-American GOP candidates, but they have a tough road ahead.


2 Responses to African-American Republicans have a tough road ahead

  1. SoulSista says:

    Hummm….. I don’t know what to think of this… Do you agree with the selling of these items

  2. lnrock says:

    Although it’s the King Family’s choice, candidly it appears the King family is selling his memoirs and other papers “just for the money”. I guess many African-Americans hoped the King records would have been given to one of our HBCU’s or at minimum Boston University or Stanford for safe keeping and historic research purposes. I think the King family is selling the King legacy cheap.

    So… no I don’t agree with the selling of these items to the highest bidder. But that is just one African-American Political Pundit’s opinion.

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