Politics, Politics, Politics

He Talk Like a White Boy
Insight News, MN 
… Business, back in the early 90s, it gave me hope for African American cinema. … He Talk Like a White Boy: Reflections on Faith, Family, Politics and Authenticity …


Why White People Are Afraid
AlterNet, CA 
… panel with several other professors at the University of Texas discussing race and politics in the OJ Simpson case. Next to me was an African American professor …


Medical News Today (press release)

African-American Leaders Issue National Call to Action and …
Yahoo! News (press release) 
… The individual testimonies are drawn from five broad sectors of our community: politics, community organizing, the church, the arts and the news media. …
African-American Leaders Issue National Call to Action and …
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Op-Ed: "Warning: Do Not Mix with Religion"
Civilrights.org, DC 
… When that institutionalized dogma infects politics and law, economics and education … US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who is African American, with his …


The Wilmington Journal, NC 
… Analysis and discussion of African American life in 20th century Wilmington ends just … time were doing well not only in business, but in politics, being elected …


Confab: Blacks must embrace Booker T. Washington’s view of self …
Chicago Defender,  United States 
… symposium encouraged the Black community and scholars to discuss politics and self … But, the basic needs of the African American community have not changed since …


What’s in a name? Divine friendship
Wednesday Journal, IL 
… Politics no longer seems to be a venue for friendship … display of gratuitous violence, I remember the story of Jackie Robinson the first African American to play …


Berkeley This Week
Berkeley Daily Planet, CA 
… The Sociology of African American Language” Prof … World Affairs/Politics Discussion Group for people 60+ years old meets at 10:15 am at the Albany Senior Center …


Whites edge past blacks in population
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA 
… that's taking place," said Robert Smith, professor of political science at San Francisco State University, who specializes in African American politics. …



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