Being a black man in America: “Washington Post hits mark”

Being a Black Man

Being a Black Man

Photo by Jahi Chikwendiu – The Post

At the Corner of Progress and Peril

Series explores the lives of black men through their shared experiences and existence. – Michael A. Fletcher

What does it mean to be a black man? The Washington Post is running a series that explores the lives of black men through their shared experiences and existence.

African-American Political Pundit says: "Being a Black Man," a year-long series launched on June 2 by the Washington Post is a series which should be required reading for every African-American. Business organizations, schools, churches, boys and girls clubs, YMCA's, mentoring programs, and other community organizations should have discussion groups around this series. It's a must read and "every American" should read this powerful body of work! More>>>


4 Responses to Being a black man in America: “Washington Post hits mark”

  1. sickone says:

    being a black man today is hard. lots of people want to see you fail ,and it seems the ones who the hardest on black men are older black men who have wealth and status . instead of being up lifting they beat us down worst than any white man by getting on tv and generalizing that we all are not worth the time ie Bill cosby at his all girls college speech . for once i would like to see someone do something for black men other than bash us we get it from black women ,succesful black people ,and society hard to overcome all that . We still continue though cause the black man was built to endure pain and hardship we are survivors and we will continue to do so its a must we may look run down at times but our spirit is strong . im dissapionted in opra to the point i wont watch her she is on my ban list along with cosby . In the words of Bob marley brothers ” Get up .. Stand up … stand up for your rights…… dont believe the hype ……..dont give up the fight .” i can deal with failur e but i cant deal with out trying peace and love to all

  2. lnrock says:

    You said it well, you said it well, “don’t give up th fight.” Peace and Love to you good brother.

  3. I like the first point you made there, but I am not sure I could reasonably apply that in a postive way.

  4. Hi, I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Assist me, please

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