The Black Stake in the 2006 Elections


The Democrats hope for – but are doing next to nothing to achieve – victory at the polls in November. Should that unearned triumph occur in the U.S. House of Representatives, African Americans will ascend to key committee positions, potentially pivotal to national policy and budgetary direction. But what will they do with these new franchises? Let’s not be fooled by the corporate media’s (and corporate Black folks’) framing of the contest in November as simply which party controls what committee of congress. Majority party status means little if Black congresspersons continue to act as extensions of a pliant, cautious Democratic leadership that is not committed to fundamental domestic and geopolitical transformation.

The crisis in African American leadership at the congressional level cannot be resolved outside the dynamics of the Black body politic. A Democratic victory in 2006 does not necessarily translate to a Black victory unless Black Democrats stand for something. Black power can only result from Black demands – and, at present, Blacks are demanding nothing from the Democratic Party.

We must not mistake virtual electoral success for the actuality of power to affect real social change.



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