Black Author Talks About Need for New Leadership in Black America

Joseph H. Chapman

Columbus, OH ( – One of the most outspoken voices in the new lineage of African American leaders is Joseph H. Chapman AS, BS, MBA, ICAADC of Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Chapman states eloquently, "We need to come together as a community and love ourselves, educate ourselves and put down our addictions instead of marching and blaming and staying stuck in a past oriented slave mentality."

Joseph Chapman is part of the new African American leadership. He is not only outspoken on all of the issues facing Black America, he is a visionary in the sense the he is creating tools and programs that act as a catalyst for positive transformation. In a recent two-hour interview on XM satellite radio channel 169 The Power, Mr. Chapman expounded upon his ideas to provide actual new direction, tools for change, and workable solutions that address the real and indisputable difficulties facing African Americans in the new millennium.  More>>>


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