Black Republicans Coming Home?

by Ron Walters

Among the big meetings that are being held in Washington to signal the opening of the new Congress is one planned for mid-January by Black conservatives. The meeting will be led by Conservative Washington, D.C., media personality Armstrong Williams, who was at the dinner for retiring Sen. Strom Thurmond, where Trent Lott made his comments in apparent support of Thurmond’s 1948 segregationist presidential campaign.

Black Republicans, to their credit, voiced strong opposition to the remarks and to Lott’s continued role as party leader in the U.S. Senate. This included Black Conservatives such as Williams, among the first to express his upset with the statements made by Lott. Black moderate Republicans such as Ken Blackwell, Ohio secretary of the state, also expressed the sentiment that Lott should be removed as the leader of the Senate. But does this mean that the Conservative agenda will prevail at this meeting or that one posed by the Black moderates will? More>>>

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