Aid For Starving People


Denying aid to the Palestinian territory because Hamas is the party in government is causing starvation and poverty among the Palestinian people. All this does is fuel extremism. If the people's lives improve, Hamas will come around. Then they won't have any reason to endanger the lives of its citizens. The Palestinians wouldn't have any of it, because they would would have hope. Hamas will eventually recognize Israel if the fortunes of its citizns improve.

After all, China is helping the cause. They've urged Hamas to recognize Israel. Zhai Jun, director-general of West Asian and North African Affairs of China's Foreign Ministry, said that "If you don't recognise a democratically elected government, what kind of democracy is that?"

Um, who said that?

Zhai continued, "Our minister Li (Zhaoxing) says democracy is a beautiful mother which gives birth to an ugly child. We don't necessarily agree with Hamas policies, but we respect the people's choice."

Uh, does Zhai realize that China doesn't have a democracy?

Anyway, it is equally hypocritical when Western countries vigorously promote democracy in places such as Palestine and then chastise them for the party that they elect.


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