Reckless Anti-Rice Rants Mars Students’ Big Day

Source: GOPUSA

By Deneen Moore

Reckless Anti-Rice Rants Mars Students'
Ideally, college professors should provide an open environment for the free exchange of ideas and promote debate free of prejudice and bias.

Tragically, on some college campuses, these ideals aren't applied to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice because she is an accomplished black female conservative. Instead, protests, petitions and prejudice are the faculty-led antics designed to demean and silence her.

Observe, for example, the recent circumstances concerning Dr. Rice and Boston College. Considering her significant accomplishments, one would think that having the Secretary of State speak at their commencement ceremony would be a privilege and an honor for the Boston College community, especially since Dr. Rice addresses only one commencement annually.

To the contrary, hundreds of students are supporting the efforts of faculty members who not only oppose Dr. Rice addressing Boston College's Class of 2006 but also oppose the decision by College officials to award her an Honorary Doctor of Law degree. To date, about 200 of the 1,000 faculty members have signed a petition designed to prevent Dr. Rice from speaking. A student petition demanding the invitation be rescinded has also been circulated throughout the campus. More>>>


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