U.S. Senate approves “Berlin Type Wall” in the name of democracy

Source: The Washington Post 

OK, now U.S. Senators voted 83-16 to approve the fencing now that Bush is sending 6,000 National Guard troops starting next month to help secure the 2,000-mile-long American/Mexican border. What will the government do next place, create Israeli type massive barriers of electric fencing? And guess who will get the contract  Halliburton ?

African-American Political Pundit says: Was it not Ronald Reagan who said, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

I don't understand why we are building this Berlin Type wall. Oh, wait a minute, yes I do. More no-bid contracts for guess who? You got it – Halliburton.

African-Americans and Latinos need to check out who is voting when and how.


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