Say It With Me: Ripping the American Consumer off

OK folks are you ready $4-6 dollar a gallon prices this summer. While top oil executives are paid on average $144,573 per day. Some pundits including Charles Krauthammer  call it supply and demand.

I see it as oil companies and their executives taking obsessive attention to the bottom line – "making winfall profits and ripping the American Consumer off."

And the United States Congress does nothing to protect the American Consumer from these oil executives who have benefited from the doubling of oil prices over the last two years.

Now thats a disgrace!

It’s time for our nation to make energy a national priority issue. American voters need to demand real world solutions from our leaders. Prosperity, democracy and security all hinge on a cheap, clean, uninterrupted flow of energy.

If America continues to put all of its eggs into the basket of war, we will continue to be a nation in morale decline.

Rather than a preemptive strike against Iran and other countries, the United States should embark on a preemptive plan of revolutionary change that will lead us away from the oil age which is an increasingly contested resource.


One Response to Say It With Me: Ripping the American Consumer off

  1. haikushoe says:

    Disgrace it is!

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