Political Correctness to the Extreme in Ohio Political Correctness to the Extreme in Ohio

Political Correctness to the Extreme in Ohio Political Correctness to the Extreme in Ohio By: GoldwaterRepublican Source: http://goldwaterrepublican.redstate.com/story/2006/4/21/0456/87051

The most popular liberal/Democrat blog in the state of Ohio, http://www.buckeyestateblog.com, banned my liberal friend from the site today for being a racist.

He is anything but a racist, but that is beside the point to them. The comment that got him banned was (edited to make comprehension easier): "Please tell me what happens when they (African-Americans) do not agree, which is obviously the case (in regards to who should be Ohio Democratic Party Chair). There is not a monolithic community or someone who speaks for all African-Americans. STJ (Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, African-America congressperson from Ohio) is not special in any way, shape, or form and there is no reason deference should be given to her over Beatty (African-American Democratic Ohio House Minority leader), Prentice (African-American Democratic Ohio Senate Minority leader), or Mallory (African-American Mayor of Cincinnati)." Apr 21st, 2006: 00:04:56 In my opinion, that is not a racist statement. It is saying that there exists no monolithic African-American community and so no one leader has the right to speak for the whole community. While STJ is the only African-American congresswoman from Ohio, I fail to see how saying she does not have the right to speak for all African-Americans is a racist comment. The owner of the site, the most read Ohio specific blog, wrote that he felt the above comment: "bordered on racism. The only female AA congresswoman in Ohio and just a fraction of congress's AA female contingent. And one of only a tiny handful who contested the 2004 election result on the house floor. To even claim a black person who reaches this level is nothing is IMHO racist at worst and moronic at best." My friends this is liberal political correctness at its worst. No longer are you even allowed to question a person's qualifications or compare them to other leaders of the same race. All my friend was saying was that there were other important and smart African-American leaders in Ohio who should be given the same deference and respect as Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, due to the fact that the African-American community is not monolithic. I think this serves as a microcosm of why Democrats will start losing votes in the black community. They want to treat African-Americans as if they all think and act the same way. The truth is that like all people, while race is important, issues of class, religion, etc. also determine how African-Americans vote. If Democrats want to act as if one leader speaks for the whole race, instead of caring about the interests of everyone, then I say let them. Their rude-awakening will come in November when Blackwell carries at least 25% of the African-American vote. We will see when Blackwell is the highest elected official in the state if they want to give deference to him as the spokesperson for all African-Americans. I think we all know the answer to that question. http://www.kenblackwell.com


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