John Hope Bryant on the Immigration Debate in America

Let the conversation begin.


Given the emotional and deeply divided and entrenched debate around immigration issues going on throughout our great nation, I thought I would try to bring some rational thought to this open discussion in America. Let me know what you think….

On the practical level, yes, we need stronger borders, and we need to better enforce our nation’s laws here.

And yes, we need to insure that folks pay their way, and contribute their fair share.

But no, we should not criminalize illegal immigration. Criminality is not so much about the act, but the intent behind it, which is precisely why in one death it might be determined that someone died (as a result of an accident), while in  another it might be determined that they were killed (an act of malice). Latino’s coming from Mexico and other places are not trying to destroy America, nor hurt me or us. They are coming because we have done too good of a job marketing a great idea; freedom, prosperity and the American dream. That is why they are coming. We should try to find a way to honor that, while managing our necessary and even essential limits on publicly funded compassion, as well as a call for a heightened sense of personal accountability by illegal immigrants themselves.

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