“Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared,” Surprise! Surprise!

OK, a bipartisan investigation into Hurricane Katrina one of the worst natural disasters in the nation's history singled out President Bush and the White House as appearing indifferent to the devastation until two days after the storm hit.  Surprise! This Senate inquiry is the third major federal report on the government failures exposed by the Aug. 29 Katrina storm. It follows similar inquiries by the White House and the House of Representatives. Surprise! The report singles out Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and gives Bush a mixed review for his performance. The report indicates as the storm approached, "Leadership _ direction, encouragement, a sense of purpose and urgency _ was needed. Secretary Chertoff did not provide it. … Despite knowledge that Katrina was a looming 'nightmare scenario,' DHS Secretary Chertoff failed to adequately prepare the federal government for what became one of the most destructive natural disasters in the nation's history."  Surprise! Surprise!  And he still has his job. U.S. Senate panel now recommends abolishing 'bumbling' FEMA after Katrina fiasco. OK, so it has taken the United States Senate probably millions of tax payer dollars to recommend the scrapping of the nation's disaster response agency – FEMA.  Surprise! OK, to add insult to injury, today we learn that FEMA is denying housing vouchers that thousands of hurricane evacuees counted on. Reports are nearly a third of the 55,000 families who counted on a year of free housing are being told that they must either pay the rent themselves or leave. Local officials say federal government is reneging on its promise to provide housing for a year. Yes its true FEMA failed and continues to fail us, yet we the American people have failed ourselves. Here's another surprise, our government, president, corporations and many others, are mainly interested in their own power and the dollar bill. It's not only about FEMA folks, it’s about our government and the people who vote (or don't vote). It's about Americans who don’t hold the president, corporations, politicans and many others accountable when they have power.  Just look at the chronology of events and you will come to the same conclusions. It's time for American's particularly African-American to wake up! It time for African-American politicians and faith Leaders to stop kissing-up to people in power and speak truth to power.  "Hurricane Katrina: A Nation Still Unprepared."  Surprise, Surprise!    L. Nathaniel Rock


Here's a timeline that outlines the fate of both FEMA and flood control projects in New Orleans under the Bush administration. Read it and weep: January 2001: Bush appoints Joe Allbaugh, a crony from Texas, as head of FEMA. Allbaugh has no previous experience in disaster management. April 2001: Budget Director Mitch Daniels announces the Bush administration's goal of privatizing much of FEMA's work. In May, Allbaugh confirms that FEMA will be downsized: "Many are concerned that federal disaster assistance may have evolved into both an oversized entitlement program…." he said. "Expectations of when the federal government should be involved and the degree of involvement may have ballooned beyond what is an appropriate level." 2001: FEMA designates a major hurricane hitting New Orleans as one of the three "likeliest, most catastrophic disasters facing this country." December 2002: After less than two years at FEMA, Allbaugh announces he is leaving to start up a consulting firm that advises companies seeking to do business in Iraq. He is succeeded by his deputy, Michael Brown, who, like Allbaugh, has no previous experience in disaster management. March 2003: FEMA is downgraded from a cabinet level position and folded into the Department of Homeland Security. Its mission is refocused on fighting acts of terrorism. 2003: Under its new organization chart within DHS, FEMA's preparation and planning functions are reassigned to a new Office of Preparedness and Response. FEMA will henceforth focus only on response and recovery. Summer 2004: FEMA denies Louisiana's pre-disaster mitigation funding requests. Says Jefferson Parish flood zone manager Tom Rodrigue: "You would think we would get maximum consideration….This is what the grant program called for. We were more than qualified for it." June 2004: The Army Corps of Engineers budget for levee construction in New Orleans is slashed. Jefferson Parish emergency management chiefs Walter Maestri comments: "It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security and the war in Iraq, and I suppose that's the price we pay." June 2005: Funding for the New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is cut by a record $71.2 million. One of the hardest-hit areas is the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project, which was created after the May 1995 flood to improve drainage in Jefferson, Orleans and St. Tammany parishes. August 2005: While New Orleans is undergoing a slow motion catastrophe, Bush mugs for the cameras, cuts a cake for John McCain, plays the guitar for Mark Wills, delivers an address about V-J day, and continues with his vacation. When he finally gets around to acknowledging the scope of the unfolding disaster, he delivers only a photo op on Air Force One and a flat, defensive, laundry list speech in the Rose Garden. A crony with no relevant experience was installed as head of FEMA. Mitigation budgets for New Orleans were slashed even though it was known to be one of the top three risks in the country. FEMA was deliberately downsized as part of the Bush administration's conservative agenda to reduce the role of government. After DHS was created, FEMA's preparation and planning functions were taken away. Source of Chronology: Henry Breitrose, Professor of Communication, Stanford University


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