Gregory Kane, conservative Republican commentator writes:


"Some Baltimoreans gathered in Fells Point a little over two weeks ago to express their defiance of a proposed federal law that would make it a crime to help illegal immigrants. They said they'd willingly go to jail rather than obey that law. OK, fine. I can sympathize a little with that. The proposed legislation does sound a little bit Fugitive Slave Law-ish in its penalties. Then, this past week, there were rallies across the country in which many illegal immigrants were talking about their 'rights.' Now this one I ain't feeling at all. I'm not aware of the doctrine in U.S. jurisprudence that says people have a 'right' to break America's immigration laws. But that's not what bothers me with the attitude of those who are holding the demonstrations. I can understand why someone who is desperately poor might feel the need to sneak into a country to look for work. I don't understand people who sneak into a country, break its laws and do so with a sense of entitlement, as if we owe them something. I figure people immigrate to this country seeking better opportunities and a better way of life. That means they owe America something. That means their attitude should be, 'What can we do for our adopted country?' That's probably the attitude of the thousands of immigrants who entered the United States by waiting in lines, filling out the paperwork, going by the book and getting visas. You know the ones I'm talking about. The people who'd choose to wave American flags, not Mexican ones. The folks who came here legally."

— Gregory Kane, conservative Republican commentator



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