Cobb’s Rules on Immigration


Michael D. Cobb Bowen

I intend to answer every question I find in the 'sphere on immigration. I'm not going to shout from the mountaintops that I'm a Republican to demonstrate that Republicans know best. I'm not that kind of a shouter..

Principles: The current situation is untenable and must be corrected now. We encourage immigration. Obey the laws. Speak the language. Pledge allegiance. Get along with your neighbors. Be a good citizen, or be gone. We will tolerate no second-class citizenship.

Item A. Build a Wall
Yes. A metaphorical wall and a physical wall. There are three components to the wall. The first is a beefed up Border Patrol with all the technology and protocols that they use in Israel to keep Palestinians on their side of the fence. Everybody knows that the Israeli wall works.
Part One.
We will charge Mexico a tarriff on imports to this country that nets out to our cost for increased border patrols.

Part Two.
We will tatoo all Mexicans apprehended at the Border. These tatoos will be used against their cases for future applications for legal immigration.

Part Three.
We will increase border patrols by 50%. Half of this increase will be accomplished by the hiring of full time professionals of the sort employed currently. The other increase will be staffed by a special extension of the National Guard. We will encourage American citizens to volunteer their time.

Item B. Legal Immigration – Expand it.

Part One.
For ten years, we will increase annual legal immigration by 25% from one million per year to 1.25 million. The extra 250k will come from a special expansion of low income workers typical of current illegal immigrants, but we also tie it to the unemployment rate. If unemployment is high, then the increased immigration shuts down.
Part Two
We will accellerate the naturalization process of any current legal immigrant currently serving in the armed forces. 24 months is sufficient, or one full tour of combat duty.

Item C. Amnesty. No.

Part One
All current illegal immigrants will be classified as felons. Let's say they would be about Class I felons. That's 'i' as in the ninth letter of the alphabet, which is as far a felonies go, fairly low on the totem pole. (See here).

Item D. Conversion.

Part One
All Class I Felons on the Immigration charge forfeit the right to vote, permanently. This supercedes any state initiatives to fastrack other felons onto a re-establishment of rights. That means 11 million are permanently disenfranchised. That's harsh but I can live with it. They can become resident aliens once registered and their kids can become naturalized. If they wanted to be citizens, they should have come legally.

Part Two
All such felons are granted immunity from deportation, on the condition that they are not found guilty of any crimes above misdemeanors for a period of 7 years.

Item E. Employment

Part One.
The minimum wage is rescinded. All other employee rights are in force.

Part Two.
All employers are required to submit I9 forms for all current employees.


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