Black Man with a Gun

Ok folks,

His name is not a secret but I didn't include it here.  He is a law-abiding American. His birth certificate says that he is colored.  He went through school as a Negro and somewhere in the late sixties he became Black.  He has always been an American of African decent.  He is happily married father of two.  He is a former US Marine, federal law enforcement officer, a professional speaker and firearm trainer of intelligence officers.  In his spare time he created the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club, worked around the country to promote safe and responsible firearms ownership, and assisted in passing concealed carry reform in Virginia, Texas, and South Carolina .  He has lobbied the US Congress; Michigan, Wisconsin and Maryland State Representatives on bills designed to prevent law abiding Americans from legal firearm ownership and concealed carry.

To learn more about Urban America's most audacious advocate of self-defense visit:

Black Man With A

You will be glad you did.

L. Nathaniel Rock 


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